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six firefox shortcuts everyone should know

Firefox by Garrett LeSageIn addition to the interesting article posted on Coding Horror about the five Vista/IE browsing shortcuts anyone should know, I’m giving the same idea a shot for using the excellent Mozilla Firefox browser.

Why? Because keyboard shortcuts aren’t just good for impressing your peers with your l33t skillz as you command your software quicker than the eye can follow, they are also a huge time-save and decrease chances of getting a mouse-arm. Besides, it looks cool, but I said that already.

So here they are:

  1. Jump to the address bar with Alt+D.
  2. Jump the the search bar with Ctrl+K.
  3. Use Ctrl+Tab for browsing through your open tabs. Use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go backwards. Whoosh! Look at em go!
  4. Ctrl+T opens up a new empty tab/page. Next you can jump to the search bar, or address bar to get to that page you wanted.
  5. Ctrl+Left Clicking A Link : this opens the link in a new tab. Very handy if you are surfing a blog (like this one) which has a lot of links to external pages (like this one).
  6. I just had to add one more. Ctrl+J opens up your Firefox downloads. I have the download window hidden by default so it doesn’t bother me when I start leeching something. A quick Ctrl+J pops this baby right up again and lets me check how long it’ll take to get those sweet files down to my system.

So there you go, ready to impress fiend and foe with your l33t shortcut skillz. Add some more in the comments if you feel I missed an important one. I’m always interested to learn a new trick.

yet another firefox beta 2 freedback post

Been checking out the latest Firefox beta 2 for about a week now and it seems to be quite robust, as usual. No crashes so far, and the spell checking feature is pretty damn cool and a great addition if you ask me. I’m using it right now for instance.


One detail on that one though. You have to install the English version to get that to work apparently. I chose to install the Dutch version first, feeling a little chauvinistic about my linguistic selection for a change, and I got punished for doing that right away by removing this neato feature.


The US version does have the feature enabled, and extra dictionaries can be added by surfing to for the moment.
I’m sure this will be automated once the final release hits the virtual shelves.

A new thing is the close button on each tab, instead of the single close button on the right for the current tab sheet. I hated that in the beginning, I just kept closing the wrong window (the most right one), but I’ve pretty much gotten used to it by now, and frankly, this way it simply is better and more intuitive.
And with the new undelete-last-tab-delete function, it’s no biggy if you close the wrong window while you’re still getting used to the moved close buttons… neato!

Another nice little addition is the Google suggest search in the search box. I always liked that idea, but never used it cause I always use the embedded search in FF.

firefox 2 beta 1 screenshots

Firefox 2 beta 1 is out, and it has some nifty new features for all you manic surfer out there.
At Lifehacker they have lined up the a bunch of the shiniest new things by using pretty pictures to illustrate them (screenshots that is).

Check it out I’d say if you’re a firefox freak0r like myself.

The features I’m digging the most judging from what I can see in the article are the very welcome integrated spell checker, and the RSS feed integration.
Currently I’m completely ignoring this in v1.x, but since the v2 has a way to link directly to Google Reader, that will probably change in the near future.

Oh yeah, and the supercute pup on the right. That’s a real firefox for ya.
Ain’t it sweet?

mozilla firefox v1.0PR released

Mozilla Firefox has released it’s milestone v1.0 browser.

Some really nice features have been added to this version, such as live bookmarking of RSS feeds, the extended search options, and a slick upgrade procedure provided by the setup program, and that built in popup blocker I couldn’t live without anymore.

If you haven’t switched browsers yet, maybe it’s time you give this one a shot.
It’s a lot more secure than IE, and it’s l33t as fuck as well :)
It runs smoothly next to IE, so if you don’t like it (which I doubt) you can uninstall it without a problem afterwards.