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keeping state kicks ass

It does! What am I talking about? Anything that allows you to cut off a session you’re having, and restore it for later on, just like that. I’m talking that thing all laptops have, “hibernation mode”. The sweet part is that you don’t really have to own a laptop to enjoy the merits of hibernation. […]

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the right way to block evil website cookies

I posted about this back in 2004 (whooosh, where did the time go right?), but IMHO the best way to block out any evil cookies from ad agencies, tracking sites, or whoever is putting cookies on your machine, is to use a whitelist. With a whitelist you only allow a handful of sites to put […]

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secure online banking with firefox

When it comes to doing your banking business online I don’t like taking chances. If your Myspace account gets hacked, or someone posts dirty messages on your Twitter feed that can be annoying, but if someone manages to hack into your online banking account you enter a world of pain. Banking companies spend tons of […]

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blocking flash ads in firefox

Photo by bastet, cc-licensed It happened to me twice today. At first I thought Firefox had crashed because it wasn’t responding to my mouse clicks. It turned out that one of those annoying flash ads was playing somewhere in an area out of my visual range that I was forced to click before I could […]

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six firefox shortcuts everyone should know

In addition to the interesting article posted on Coding Horror about the five Vista/IE browsing shortcuts anyone should know, I’m giving the same idea a shot for using the excellent Mozilla Firefox browser. Why? Because keyboard shortcuts aren’t just good for impressing your peers with your l33t skillz as you command your software quicker than […]