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6 months of awesome mixes

Beat Box

We’re halfway 2012 and these mixes I posted earlier are still rocking my media devices for regular airplay.So here’s a recap in case you’ve missed out on those awesome sounds.

Not bad huh?

Photo by mjsawyer, cc-licensed.

dubstep injection

bloody needle

I feel guilty. Srsly. I do.
I’ve downloaded these awesome dubstep mixes a while ago and I haven’t posted them here yet for you guys to download, share and enjoy.

It’s this Peace Off mix 09 I ran into on their bandcamp page for one. It’s the harder kind of in-your-coked-up-face dubstep where the insane basslines switch faster than an epileptic cat in a centrifuge. OSLT. If you’re out of coffee this is audible caffeine you inject through the eardrum straight into your brain. It’s too much for some but just great if you’re a heavy user. Expect Flux Pavilion, Bassex, Emalkay, Niveau Zero and so much more.

Speaking of which, 16bit are too, and they are treating us with a free mix as well. Nice, nice, nice. Not as hard as the previous one, but you can’t drink coffee all day now can you. The playlist is up after the jump but to give you an idea (and get some extra search results) there’s some dope in there from Benga, Broken Note, Skream, The Outside Agency (omg!) and Original Nuttah. Yeah. From Shy FX! Can’t go wrong there right?

Photo by Dirty Bunny, cc-licensed.

free music to end the year with


Here’s some more free mixes to end the year with, full of hard and fast beaty goodness, as usual.

Evol Intent put up a great 2011 overview set on their Facebook page. You have to “like” it to be able to download it, but for once I knew that I was going to really like it even before I heard it.

I tweeted this one already (so if you’re not following my feed yet, what are you waiting for?) but I thought I’d drop it here as well because it’s so good. Every now and then the lads from the Ad Noiseam label drop some freebie live sets on Friday like this latest ones from Enduser and Niveau Zero. Great stuff well worth spending some bandwidth and disk space on.

I hope you all had a great 2011, and may 2012 be even more awesome.

Photo by Paola Comparin, cc-licensed.