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dubstep injection

I feel guilty. Srsly. I do. I’ve downloaded these awesome dubstep mixes a while ago and I haven’t posted them here yet for you guys to download, share and enjoy. It’s this Peace Off mix 09 I ran into on their bandcamp page for one. It’s the harder kind of in-your-coked-up-face dubstep where the insane […]

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free music to end the year with

Here’s some more free mixes to end the year with, full of hard and fast beaty goodness, as usual. Evol Intent put up a great 2011 overview set on their Facebook page. You have to “like” it to be able to download it, but for once I knew that I was going to really like […]

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albums so good you should buy them

I’ve got a few albums for you I bought this year, that are so good you should buy them too. So what do we have here? How about some hard-stepping drum’n’bass? Oh but that’s not all. It also has some, wait for it… dubstep influences! Or drumfunk, or whatever they call it these days. Anyway, […]

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Time to share some links to awesome and free musical resources to charge those iPods and mp3 players with. Here’s what landed in my inbox recently or flew across my twitter stream. Cogent is celebrating the first birthday of his Slugplates dubstep label with the release of a free EP. The release contains 2 free […]

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the other side radio, it's goooooood

More music! That’s right! And it’s the kind that most of you seem to like. Well maybe. I’m talking about The Otherside Radio, an actual radio show broadcasted over a good old F and M frequency in the United Kingdom. “Hey, but you’re not from the UK” I hear you ponder. Well that’s right again! […]