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electronic music for ukraine

With all the horror going on in Ukraine, you just feel like you want to help in some way, right? A lot of musicians feel the same way, and brought out albums where the profits will go to humanitarian efforts to support the people of Ukraine. So here are a few albums I came across […]

dubstep music

dope beats from lenkemz, jutrØ & co

JutrØ’s Travva came up as a YouTube suggestion at some point and the track blew me away. I can’t really stick a genre label on it, but it’s a chill, dope, beaty track with ripping synth lines and a powerful female vocal layered on top of it. It’s somewhere in-between dubstep (but not the shitty […]

dnb dubstep mp3 music

with Evol Intent and Ed Rush you can’t go wrong right?

I’ve seen some great drum’n’bass mixes fly by on the internetz lately, so after scrupulous review of the downloaded mp3’s I’ve decided to yet again inform my dear readership of these fine audio files. Let’s kick of with someone who had a huge influence on the sound of drum’n’bass, mister Ed Rush. As you can […]

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dubstep to chill to

A bit in line with the chilled electro tunes of late is this really great and extremely dubby 30 minute dubstep set by V.I.V.E.K. (backup download)in the Boiler Room in London. Not the screeching kind of bass line driven type of hi-energy dubstep I’ve been posting quite a few of in the past. Nope. This […]

breakcore dnb dubstep mp3 music

6 months of awesome mixes

We’re halfway 2012 and these mixes I posted earlier are still rocking my media devices for regular airplay.So here’s a recap in case you’ve missed out on those awesome sounds. For the dubstep folks, there’s a free 16 bit “dazed” mix plus a wicked hard Peace Off Mix 09. Darkstep drum’n’bass lovers will digg Cooh‘s […]