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electronic music for ukraine

Photo by Johan Nilsson on Unsplash

With all the horror going on in Ukraine, you just feel like you want to help in some way, right? A lot of musicians feel the same way, and brought out albums where the profits will go to humanitarian efforts to support the people of Ukraine. So here are a few albums I came across in the last week, where you can get help out, and get some good beats in return.

A 136 track album filled with all styles of drum’n’bass, some dubstep and general bass music. Good stuff. Lots of big and smaller names in there, so something for everyone.

This collection is huge, and worth more than the asking price, if you know what I mean. ;)

Grey Meta also has a compilation album up with artists from all over. A mix of the faster, harder, alternative electronic music styles. Think hardcore, industrial techno and breakcore.

If you think all this stuff is way too hard, no worries, there’s also the complete other end of the spectrum, being ambient.
If you need to chill from all the doomscrolling, Places for Peace might be just what you are looking for.

If you come across some good electronic music that donates proceeds to help Ukrainian people, feel free to share them in the comments.

dubstep music

dope beats from lenkemz, jutrØ & co

JutrØ’s Travva came up as a YouTube suggestion at some point and the track blew me away. I can’t really stick a genre label on it, but it’s a chill, dope, beaty track with ripping synth lines and a powerful female vocal layered on top of it. It’s somewhere in-between dubstep (but not the shitty wobble-bass kind) and hip-hop/rnb/dancehall tracks.

JutrØ is apparently Polish, which probably explains the very annoying to type Unicode “Ø ” ;). He also has some friends that make similarly awesome tunes which you can find on the profile blurb on his Soundcloud page. Forxst is one of those for example and their collaboration Aurea is equally awesome. The video’s are also sublime. Cute girls pointing golden Uzis at you or walking around in dark forests at night, what’s not to like.
Their Czeluść label page has more goodness if you are digging their style.

Another artist creating tracks in somewhat the same vain I ran into is Lenkemz. He seems to be from the UK and has some great bangers up as well.
I started a playlist with my personal favs or these artist to blast while coding away in the office. Check it out if you want a taste of these guys and don’t feel like searching around a lot. If you like the list, be sure to favorite it yourself, cause I’ll most likely be adding more awesomeness to it in the future.

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with Evol Intent and Ed Rush you can’t go wrong right?

29-07-10 You Be The Writer And Decide The Words I Say

I’ve seen some great drum’n’bass mixes fly by on the internetz lately, so after scrupulous review of the downloaded mp3’s I’ve decided to yet again inform my dear readership of these fine audio files.

Let’s kick of with someone who had a huge influence on the sound of drum’n’bass, mister Ed Rush. As you can expect, this Fabric set of his contains quite a lot of dark and neurfunkish sounding tunes. If you like the more technological sounding drum’n’bass this is something for you. Good stuff.

A second one I have for sharing is another high energy, dnb mixed with some drumfunk or dubstep or whatever it’s called kinda tracks from the Evol Intent cru. If you downloaded and liked one of the previous sets I posted, you’re in for a treat again. This stuff has balls.


Photo by Bethan, cc-licensed.

dubstep mp3 music

dubstep to chill to

350 2011 05 03 Boiler Room

A bit in line with the chilled electro tunes of late is this really great and extremely dubby 30 minute dubstep set by V.I.V.E.K. (backup download)in the Boiler Room in London. Not the screeching kind of bass line driven type of hi-energy dubstep I’ve been posting quite a few of in the past. Nope. This is more the heavy on the subs kind of dubstep you can listen to when you feel like unwinding a bit (from some of that hi-energy stuff perhaps?).

If you’re digging this type of trip, you’re also gonna dig a Juju set I posted about long ago and this Bunzer0 set.

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6 months of awesome mixes

Beat Box

We’re halfway 2012 and these mixes I posted earlier are still rocking my media devices for regular airplay.So here’s a recap in case you’ve missed out on those awesome sounds.

Not bad huh?

Photo by mjsawyer, cc-licensed.