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free dj hidden and limewax download

Free tracks are always nice, and especially if they are from hardcore drum’n’bass artists like DJ HIdden & Limewax. To celebrate 30k fans on Facebook the lads at PRSPCT recordings have a free download up on Bandcamp with DJ Hidden’s The Resonators, Limewax’s Pain and a Resonators VIP remix by the Outside Agency. Nice. Go […]

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The Teknoist PRSPCT XL 19 mix

Get it at Soundcloud. It’s The Teknoist! You know what that stands for. It’s full of hardcore beats and chops like these: THE TEKNOIST & SMYLA – BEASTAGE DOLPHIN – AWAKENING VIP ALGORITHMIC – NOOSE NECKED ROYALTY DOLPHIN – BLACK GOLD THE DJ PRODUCER – HISTORY LESSON (1997 DNB REMIX) DR BASTARDO – CRIMSON MASK […]

breakcore dnb download hardcore music

come and get your free breakcore albums right here

The Themeless releases from the Dutch site always have tracks that make it worth checking them out and giving them a few listens. You can download their latest instalment “Themeless 6” as a zip archive or stream it straight from the bandcamp page. If you feel like getting some more of that, check […]

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evol intent is giving away free tunes

Free tunes, what’s not to like. Free tunes from Evol Intent, that’s even better. How about 35 free tracks and remasters of classic tunes like “8-Bit Bitch”, “Where’s The Score”, “Corrupt Cops” and many more? Awesome indeed. You get all of this goodness straight from their Soundcloud Throwback Tunes playlist. Be sure to fav it […]

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tear it up with the outside agency

Those Dutch gabberlads from The Outside Agency (aka DJ Hidden and Eye-D) are definitely one of the most interesting and innovative hardcore/industrial techno and drum’n’bass producers out there at the moment. Since I’m not alone in this view, the Danish DJ Wavolizer has mixed together a 4 hour long mix containing only TOA tracks. 99 […]