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monday night breakcore mix

How about some more mixes?

From lurking around the mailinglist I came across a fellow calling himself cutup, and he put some sweetass mixes online for all breakcore/gabber/drum’n’bass/ragga/idm headz to enjoy.
I haven’t checked em all just yet, but the Five Million mix is just finger licking good if you ask me!

Watch your bassbins!

neato reflection on a record
Image by synthetic_tom

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free musick

In the digital age where RIAA is trying to sue every file-sharing ass it’s refreshing to see there are artists out there that put full size, high quality mp3 tracks online for download from their own websites.
Guys like Eye-D and DJ Hidden for instance, Dutch drum’n’bass/hardcore producer/DJs, sharing their tracks and mixes to the massive. Big up!

Check out the link section as well, I haven’t checked em all out yet myself, but that mix Kid Entropy has online is wicked, and those Slacknote tunes are tasty as well.

So if you’re into beatz’n’breakz, it’s time to spend some of that bandwidth and got some quality hardcore tunage!

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pukkelpop 2004

The Pukkelpop festival is always a great way to end the summer holidays. Had a lot of fun there with friends, saw some good bands, and heard some great music. The boiler room was huge this year, and we spend quite some time there boogying down to the funky beats.

Besides obviously loving the drum’n’bass sets from DJs like Lady Vortex, Lady Lite ft. MC Mary Jane, Miss Elorak and Roni Size‘s live mix (really live, with live instruments’n’all, and lots and lots of Full Cycle peeps) Miss Kitten rocked it electro-style with a really good set, and Kid 606 blew my socks off in the Chateaux tent.
I’m getting more into the harder breakcore/hardcore style of electronic music lately, while at the same time digging slower electro and techno-stuff as well… broadening the horizons can’t be bad right.

One other thing I did learn though, it’s pretty damn hard to find a quite spot there to make a phone call… damn! :)

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clownstep and John B on file sharing

I ran into this John B interview by accident while checking what kind of fun stuff could be found on Google when looking up the word “Clownstep”.
Now since the guy made some really sweet tracks in the past, and he has a new album out, I thought I’d make the effort and find out what he had to say.

It’s mostly the same stuff you read in most of those kind of articles, but his opinion on p2p networks seems a bit stupid to me.

Here’s what he has to say:

Well, if people have bought my music and want to play it out, I don’t mind what they do with it. If I found somebody who has downloaded my music illegally, that is where I have a major issue with it. I understand people are going to download stuff and there’s not a lot you can do about it, apart from flooding the file sharing networks with fake versions of your tracks, which is what I’ve been doing aggressively. I’m going to do whatever I can. I’ll put viruses in them, or just make a track identically titled to what’s out there and make it 10 seconds of the track and the rest just noise, or, “Ha ha! Buy it here, you bastards!”

Ok, well, let’s see, so you don’t mind what people do who have actually bought your music, but you are thinking about infecting mp3’s with viruses anyway…
Hmmmm, how will you tell the difference between someone who is downloading the infected tunes and has bought the album, and those who haven’t?

Luckily for John B there is no way to infect mp3’s with a virus, otherwise he could get himself in some serious trouble, and frankly, I think that trying to get bad copies out there is more hassle than it’s worth since in the long run people are going to keep getting that tune until they get a good copy. And when they do they will share that one as well (unless they’re lame leechers) which will result in more sources for the good version than the bad ones, which will automatically make people download the good version instead of the bad one(s).

Funny artist still have a problem with seeing p2p downloads as a form of free mouth-to-mouth promotion. Maybe he doesn’t need this kind of promotion any more being one of the big names in the business, but I can tell you there are a lot of drum’n’bass artists I might have never bought anything from if I hadn’t learned about them by downloading some tracks off file sharing networks.
A lot of people will simply not buy the stuff they download, that’s true, but the question is, where they going to buy it if they wouldn’t be able to download it?
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that every single download is a sale lost.

Oh, I also noticed this clownstep merchandise, in John B’s blog, which is kinda funny.