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In the digital age where RIAA is trying to sue every file-sharing ass it’s refreshing to see there are artists out there that put full size, high quality mp3 tracks online for download from their own websites. Guys like Eye-D and DJ Hidden for instance, Dutch drum’n’bass/hardcore producer/DJs, sharing their tracks and mixes to the […]

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pukkelpop 2004

The Pukkelpop festival is always a great way to end the summer holidays. Had a lot of fun there with friends, saw some good bands, and heard some great music. The boiler room was huge this year, and we spend quite some time there boogying down to the funky beats. Besides obviously loving the drum’n’bass […]

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clownstep and John B on file sharing

I ran into this John B interview by accident while checking what kind of fun stuff could be found on Google when looking up the word “Clownstep”. Now since the guy made some really sweet tracks in the past, and he has a new album out, I thought I’d make the effort and find out […]