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more free music samples

So the free vocal samples for your tunes post turns out to be quite popular. It just happens that in the meantime I ran across some more of these nice free sample resources and so I thought that it would be neat to share them here online with you again. This time it’s not about […]

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using for file hosting

cc-licensed photo by J. Star For the 60×60 Buzz Compilation I was looking for a place where I could host pretty large files, and also host them without having to worry about bandwidth problems if it would end up getting downloaded a few thousand times. There are always a bunch of options but choosing […]

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60×60 buzz compilation (aka free music, come leech)

A project that has been sucking up quite some time lately, but was well worth the investment is something I thought of doing after running into the Subvert Central 60×60 compilation. I thought it would be great to have a similar compilation with tracks from people using Jeskola Buzz as their music software. I thought […]

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60×60 subvert central compilation

How about some music to start the weekend? Sounds nice doesn’t it, and it does, trust me. The guys up at the left field jungle/drum’n’bass forum Subvert Central started a so-called 60×60 music compilation amongst the forum members and have now come up with the final result. 60×60 stands for 60 second tracks from 60 […]

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about licensing

I was thinking about writing a post about licensing stuff online because I find that it would be just dandy if more people would publish their works under a more liberal license. My idea is that a lot of folks don’t do this this simply because they don’t even know about it, so their creations […]