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about that riaa trial

When you pirate mp3s, you're downloading COMMUNISME!I was just reading about the first RIAA trial against Jammie Thomas for downloading pirated music. One of the things that’s pretty mind boggling about it is that the jury is composed out of people who hardly have any computer knowledge at all.

This is something that I’ve seen mentioned before in trials related to computer technology. Being it cyberstalking, websites with illegal content or file sharing. I don’t see how a jury without some, or even better, substantial knowledge of the internet and peer-to-peer networks can get an idea of what this case really is about. What’s worse is that the outcome of this trial will be a precedent for any future piracy trials. In one Belgian case there was a judge who stopped the trial (temporarily) because he couldn’t grasp what the experts called in to testify where talking about. He didn’t know Jack about computers and was going to speak a verdict on a website copyright infringement case. FTW!

In the RIAA case most of the folks on the jury (according to the Wired article) don’t even use the internet ffs. How the hell are they supposed to get a more complex idea of how file sharing works if they don’t even know the basics of surfing the web or sending an email?

Beats me.
A trial to keep an eye on for sure.

DRM being dropped?

A nice set of white earbud headphones.I read some good news related to DRM and music releases on the internet last week.
Universal is going to start selling DRM-free music “as a test to see how it goes”. According to this Wired article this change of course is a move to try and take some power away from the mighty Apples iTunes online store.
Whatever it is, it’s good for the customer, and I’m hoping this is a staying trend.

Another Wired news post is claiming the same thing, and has some more details. It’s funny to see that they finally realised what a lot have been claiming before. That treating the customer like a criminal by putting DRM protection on what they buy from you is not a good idea.
Since they won’t be putting the tunes up on iTunes, Google’s new gBox is one of the services that they will be using to pimp their mp3s. It’s interesting to see Google join the battle, and I’m wondering if they will be able to kick ass like usual on this front as well. gBox will be offering be offering DRM-free and version with DRM at the same price. I don’t see why you’d buy the ones with DRM though.

But then again, it’s more likely I’ll go shopping at Warp’s though, which has been offering DRM-free 320kbps mp3s from the start. Oh, and the music is better over there too. Have a peek.

flickr now more secure… bugger

Yep, got a bit more “secure” recently, if you can call it that, and I have to say that I’m sorry to find out about it.

You see, flickr users posting their nifty pics could disallow surfers like myself from viewing the original photo and only allow the preview on the main photo page.
This makes sense of course, as some people in there are professional photographers who want to store their hi-res pictures on flickr but don’t want just any bozo (like me) to be able to rip and download their pictures for free. These guys have their property and income to protect right? The fun part however was that the protection was only half arsed. Yep, it’s was pretty easy to bypass, and you could nicely download the original if you knew the naming scheme flickr used for the original.

Now this has changed sadly enough. There’s no way you can get to the original, since the name now seems to be in no way related to the other resized versions, and well… that means I won’t be able to get those bitching backgrounds on my desktop anymore from the pros. It’s sad, yet understandable. *sigh*.

Luckily however, there are also more generous folks in there, shooting professional pictures and allowing them to be downloaded, or even better… share them under a CC license.
Bravo!” I’d say to those, and just because we like them so much, here are a hand picked examples of such great snips of those oh-so generous flickrites.

Pretty darn good stuff isn’ it? And if you click the pictures, you’ll get more eye pleasing goodness from the camera of the same photographers, and if you just can’t get enough… there’s always the Flickr CC search!

"De Morgen" ripping pics off Flickr

Copyright infringement warningThis is sad isn’t it. Turns out a major Belgian newspaper called De Morgen ripped some guys pictures about the Burning Man festival off his Flickr foto gallery without paying, or even contacting him.

This kind of stuff is extra sad because a newspaper should damn well be aware of things like copyright violations and such, and definitely be respecting the copyright of others, if they want their own rights to be respected as well.

They sure lost my respect, but I guess they wouldn’t care less about the little man, judging from what they where up to…

i'm being copied

By pure chance I came across this site that seems to be containing a copy of my blog (actually, I was doing an ego search on Google, but I’d rather not mention that).

In fact it copies all blogs in a so called Blogger Aggregator by fetching the atom.xml, and storing it in a database. I don’t really see the point, but hey, who am I to judge what people feel like writing in PHP these days.

When it comes to my blog there really isn’t much of a problem. It’s published under a Creative Commons license which allows copying, but I didn’t really see any attribution links or something like that in there, so I guess that’s something that needs to be added to be in line with the license. Problem is there might be other blogs that are copied which are published under more restrictive licenses… something worth looking into I guess.

So basically I’d like to see a link pointing to the original blogs in there, and also a bit of a layout change, cause those blue on blue hyperlinks I’m seeing… that’s just hard on the eyes imho.

Funny thing is, this post will also appear on the site itself, so maybe I can do the attribution thing myself, by simply linking to my own blog right here. According to a post on the site itself, this should be in there in about 10 minutes… lets find out!

sampling is bad mkay

Something scary I read on Wired today :

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that rap artists should pay for every musical sample included in their work � even minor, unrecognisable snippets of music.

Though the article focuses mainly on rap artists, who are making big bucks using unknown samples from older funk (or whatever) tunes, this could easily be extrapolated to other musical genres, such as electronic ones which are based on sampling old funk, hip-hop, rave and hardcore tunes. Genres like drum’n’bass, breakcore, breaks and a dozen others heavily depending on recycling sounds of the past could become more or less endangered by a law like this.

Keep you hands off our Amens and Firefights judges, or your in for a shit load of trouble… :)
Lighten up on the copyright thing ffs.