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regulating traffic through chaos

This video is pretty interesting. An apparently complete chaotic traffic system without any signs or roadmarks seems to be working fluently. Makes you wonder if the same thing would work in European cities. I’ve heard about projects where all traffic signs where removed so that users are forced into alertness and social interaction, and they […]

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SUVs suck, now make your own ad to say so

SUVs suck cause they’re too damn big. It’s like driving behind a bloody van when they are in front of you blocking your sight, and they blind you with their headlights when they are driving behind you. Chevy Tahoe however thought it would be dandy to write out a competition to allow peeps like you […]

breakcore car dnb jungle mp3 music promo mix

Oh yeah. Arnicus from jungletrain dot net has mixed together a promotional set for ya’ll to download, burn and pump from your car/room/whatever. There’s even a cue sheet, in cause you want to burn it to a CD-R. Ain’t that sweet!? Here’s the tracklist to spike your interest: In Out ### Title Label 00:00 00:28 […]