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jeskola buzz is 20 years and here are 282 tunes to celebrate

Jeskola Buzz is a free DAW that’s been around for 20 years already. To celebrate that special event a collection has been assembled on the Jeskola forum from all Buzz artists willing to participate with tunes that are over 10 years old. So people went through their digital archives and dug up unfinished pearls, snippets […]

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free music from the internetz

The internet, it’s awesome. One reason is the constant free flow of music that comes off it and my main pipe for this musical sweetness has become twitter lately. Since not all of my dedicated readers (that’s you right?) are following me on twitter (yet) I’m going to post a little recap of stuff I […]

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the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, now for free!

It’s turning out to be quite the musical week in posts here, but I just had to post about this one as well. Do you remember that 60×60 Buzz compilation I started last year? Well, since the Buzzchurch forum turned out to be a live bunch of music producers supplying the main source of tunes […]

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60×60 buzz compilation (aka free music, come leech)

A project that has been sucking up quite some time lately, but was well worth the investment is something I thought of doing after running into the Subvert Central 60×60 compilation. I thought it would be great to have a similar compilation with tracks from people using Jeskola Buzz as their music software. I thought […]

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making your own beatz

For quite a few years I’ve been keeping myself busy with making music on computers. Well, some people will disagree on the fact that I call what I make music, but that’s a different discussion. I started out on the Amiga with tools Octamed, StarTracker and FastTracker, which where cool at the time, but of […]