breakcore car dnb jungle mp3 music promo mix

Oh yeah. Arnicus from jungletrain dot net has mixed together a promotional set for ya’ll to download, burn and pump from your car/room/whatever. There’s even a cue sheet, in cause you want to burn it to a CD-R. Ain’t that sweet!? Here’s the tracklist to spike your interest: In Out ### Title Label 00:00 00:28 […]

breakcore dnb gabber hardcore idm jungle mp3 music

monday night breakcore mix

How about some more mixes? From lurking around the mailinglist I came across a fellow calling himself cutup, and he put some sweetass mixes online for all breakcore/gabber/drum’n’bass/ragga/idm headz to enjoy. I haven’t checked em all just yet, but the Five Million mix is just finger licking good if you ask me! Watch your […]

belgium breakcore dnb music techno

pukkelpop 2004

The Pukkelpop festival is always a great way to end the summer holidays. Had a lot of fun there with friends, saw some good bands, and heard some great music. The boiler room was huge this year, and we spend quite some time there boogying down to the funky beats. Besides obviously loving the drum’n’bass […]