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get some neato wordpress plugin speed profiling stats

wp stats pie

Stats. Geeks love em and at some point my blog was acting sluggish and I was all like “OMG would it be that mobile plugin? Or the spam blocker? Or that one that makes it available for mobile?”.
Yep, you guessed it. A shear geek panic attack. So I head over to the virtual plugin store and checked if there was something out there to do that for me. Yep, having the computer do stuff for you. Another one of those things geeks love.

Enter P3, the Plugin Profiler.
After a quick profile test (takes about 5 minutes) it presents you with pretty pie and line charts telling you how long it took for your pages to load (average is less than a second, which is nice), which plugins are slowing you down and how many database queries where launched (56 on average, wow).
Interesting stuff!

To give you an idea of what that looks like without the pretty pie charts, here’s some plain old text output.

WordPress Plugin Profile Report

Report date: July 24, 2012
Theme name: Evening Red (based on Sandbox)
Pages browsed: 11
Avg. load time: 0.7966 sec
Number of plugins: 23
Plugin impact: 54.10% of load time
Avg. plugin time: 0.4310 sec
Avg. core time: 0.3161 sec
Avg. theme time: 0.0474 sec
Avg. mem usage: 19.95 MB
Avg. ticks: 4,232
Avg. db queries : 56.27
Margin of error : 0.0021 sec

Plugin list:

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – 0.0054 sec – 1.26%
After The Deadline – 0.0093 sec – 2.16%
Akismet – 0.0205 sec – 4.76%
Bad Behavior – 0.0251 sec – 5.82%
Dean’s Permalinks Migration – 0.0222 sec – 5.16%
Exploit Scanner – 0.0064 sec – 1.48%
Feedburner Plugin – 0.0019 sec – 0.45%
Google Sitemap Generator – 0.0013 sec – 0.30%
Lightbox 2 – 0.0048 sec – 1.12%
Do Follow – 0.0121 sec – 2.80%
Simple Reverse Comments – 0.0020 sec – 0.47%
SoundCloud Shortcode – 0.0091 sec – 2.11% Stats – 0.0147 sec – 3.42%
Subscribe To Comments – 0.0647 sec – 15.01%
Viper’s Video Quicktags – 0.0088 sec – 2.04%
Widget Category Cloud – 0.0449 sec – 10.42%
Wordpress Mobile Edition – 0.0131 sec – 3.04%
Wordpress Popular Posts – 0.0105 sec – 2.44%
wp-cache – 0.0105 sec – 2.45%
WordPress Database Backup – 0.0120 sec – 2.79%
WP Tweet Button – 0.0533 sec – 12.36%
WPtouch – 0.0225 sec – 5.23%
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – 0.0557 sec – 12.93%

getting good stats without google analytics

I Spy Cynthia K

Google is huge and scary these days isn’t it? I mean they track our ass all over the place and I was actually helping them to do so. On my blog I was using Google’s free Analytics service to keep track of who, when, where and why people came to my blog.

The stats are pretty, easy to understand and extremely extensive. The downside is that all these stats end up in the massive Googleplex data center and are without doubt neatly analysed and lined up with your regular Google searches through that cookie that identifies you no matter if you’re logged on or not.

No me gusta.
So I removed that line of JavaScript from my pages ét voila, no more Google snooping on my watch. Problem is I liked those pretty graphs and lines and I sort of missed taking a peek at them now and then to see what pages where the most interesting and what crazy search results people where using to get to my blog.

Then I ran into something called Piwik. It’s free, open source and it does pretty much exactly the same thing as GA, but stores everything in your own private MySQL DB. It installs as easily as WordPress on your web server, and to activate it you just insert the JavaScript snippet it provides you with. A few seconds later you’ll be getting pretty graphs and figures and spend countless hours spying on your blog’s visitors with the real-time results.


Photo by Flood, cc-licensed.

don’t let the EU censor your internet: stop ACTA

ACTA infographic

You might have heard that SOPA got stopped (for now) in the USA, a bill to censor the internet and limit online freedom for everyone. An even worse deal is going down on our EU-side of the globe unfortunately, where ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has already been signed, but not yet approved (luckily).

ACTA – a global treaty – could allow corporations to censor the Internet. Negotiated in secret by a small number of rich countries and corporate powers, it would set up a shadowy new anti-counterfeiting body to allow private interests to police everything that we do online and impose massive penalties — even prison sentences — against people they say have harmed their business.

So it’s about time to do something about this before this bill gets voted in the EU Parliament and gets adopted globally.
First you can start by reading about ACTA, find out what’s wrong with it, sign the petition and act against it.

For those in the US, you can go sign the White House petition. Do it, because this deal is worse than SOPA, as it spans beyond the internet and deals even with regulations on medication and food.

The oppressively strict regulations could mean people everywhere are punished for simple acts such as sharing a newspaper article or uploading a video of a party where copyrighted music is played. Sold as a trade agreement to protect copyrights, ACTA could also ban lifesaving generic drugs and threaten local farmers’ access to the seeds they need. And, amazingly, t he ACTA committee will have carte blanche to change its own rules and sanctions with no democratic scrutiny.

Spread the word, sign the petition, just do something so this is stopped just like SOPA was.

Afterwards, you can get back to your memes and lolcats. :)