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a wordpress full site spell checker tool

A while ago I noticed that some of my older posts had some silly misspellings in it, so I was looking for a way to spell check all my posts in one shot. I couldn’t really find anything that was free, so I figured I’d try to write something myself to do this for me. […]

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how to exclude yourself from WordPress analytics

I use a number of analytics tools to see how little hits I get a month and one of the things that annoyed me is that my own visits as I’m writing posts or looking up older posts also get counted. There’s a silly trick to avoid this and it’s so easy it’s stupid I […]

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why I’m getting more hits since I updated my wordpress theme

Getting more hits in case of my blog means getting more Google love (90% of my traffic comes from the G), which means I get a higher ranking and end up higher in the search results. So why could this be? I don’t know really. I mean, it’s not like I A/B tested this and […]

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get some neato wordpress plugin speed profiling stats

Stats. Geeks love em and at some point my blog was acting sluggish, and I was all like “OMG would it be that mobile plugin? Or the spam blocker? Or that one that makes it available for mobile?”. Yep, you guessed it. A shear geek panic attack. So I head over to the virtual plugin […]

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getting good stats without google analytics

Google is huge and scary these days isn’t it? I mean they track our ass all over the place and I was actually helping them to do so. On my blog I was using Google’s free Analytics service to keep track of who, when, where and why people came to my blog. The stats are […]