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ninja columbo loves belgium

Ninja Columbo loves Belgium. The bloody hearth says it all.

Well I couldn’t just go without posting this one now could I? It’s yet another smashing Ninja Columbo Free MP3 release stuffed with 7 great tracks from all Belgian artists. Expect crazy banging breakcore and industrial techno beats only from these lads! If you liked the previous Sickboy Tweencore release, you’ll like this one too. If you didn’t, you might still like it, cause there’s more than him on it. Ha! All free at zombfree, all day long.

  1. Drums Are For Parades – Dead Katz (Droon’s Shot mix)
  2. Igneon System – World Recarnation (Ninja Columbo)
  3. Kaoss Engine -The Giant Wolf 2
  4. Mr Orange (Abused Recordings) – DJ Mix
  5. Sickboy – The Unstoppable Universe
  6. X&trick – Full Moon
  7. Zat & Kepazoid – Join The Gang

the belgian limitless internet charade continues

So Belgacom announced to be the first to start offering a limitless, flat rate internet account. Yay! Turns out it’s also the most expensive format they have. Yay? Telenet of course soon had to follow with it’s own limitless formula, which also turns out to be the most expensive on they have as well.¬† Euhm. Ok, at least they are also boosting the cheaper formats which means that everyone will be enjoying a more luxurious bandwidth soon.

Well, at least it’s getting a bit better now and perhaps next year we’ll be seeing the cheaper accounts being sold at flat rates as well and the two duopolists will start competing each other on prices. Just maybe.

Funny they both came out with the same idea so close together. With fully prepared add campaigns and all. I wonder how long they had those lying on the shelves already.

Picture by Rob Sheridan, cc-licensed.

belgium is going digital tax crazy

Belgian politicians are going bonkers over the digital world the last month it seems. First Mr. Q decides to start taxing all digital carriers because hey, you might be using them to store copyrighted material. You know, the same tax they have for VHS and audio tapes. The difference just is that those tapes were actually used to store as good as nothing but copyrighted material. But a USB stick or external HD is a completely different deal. Lot’s of non-copyrighted material on there, but we’re still paying for it…

Now there’s a proposed bill from the ecological parties to start taxing downloads to cope with illegal downloads on the net. Yep, we’re all criminals again. In fact they are talking about legalising illegal downloads. Funny. I wonder how Hollywood is going to react to that. For a small fee we’re allowed to rip any movie? Nice. Let’s set up! The worst idea in the bill is that they want to avoid the ISPs from simply charging this tax to the consumer by blocking raises on the monthly subscription fee on our broadband internet connection. Great, so by blocking already way too expensive internet fees you’re going to avoid us from paying too much? Euhm. We already are paying twice what they pay in Holland, so I doubt ISPs will give a fuck.

What’s next? A blogging tax? We need a damn Pirate party I tell ya. Arrrr!

Photo by Jeremy Brooks, cc-licensed

after the storm

Nature can be awesome. Last year in November a hail storm passed by on a Sunday leaving the cloudy and stormy looking sky filled with orange colors so bright and alive I just had to go out in the cold and shoot some of that beauty. Click for the big version.