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new droon album, because fuck it

The press release is hilarious so I’ll just copy this here. Droon stands for Belgian breakcore (think Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties baby) and he just releases 27 of his best tracks in one big album. Check it out and certainly the Cripplefight tune cause it’s fucking awesome. Droon! Your favourite Belgian B-list Breakcore Live […]

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don’t let the EU censor your internet: stop ACTA

You might have heard that SOPA got stopped (for now) in the USA, a bill to censor the internet and limit online freedom for everyone. An even worse deal is going down on our EU-side of the globe unfortunately, where ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has already been signed, but not yet approved (luckily). ACTA – […]

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refactoring the government

The Belgian politicians are having a bit of a problem forming a new government since the last elections. This caused folks to organise a demonstration in Brussels on Sunday to make it clear that it’s time those politicians get back to work and form a government pronto. While talking about this the whole thing somehow […]

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mobile internet in belgium, who's the cheapest?

Note for international readers: this post concerns data limits for Belgian mobile providers making this probably not very interesting if you don’t live in this small but lovely country. You are however free to brag in the comments on how cheap your data traffic is, as that will probably be the case. Updated 28-8-2010 due […]

belgium breakcore gabber hardcore mp3 music

ninja columbo loves belgium

Well I couldn’t just go without posting this one now could I? It’s yet another smashing Ninja Columbo Free MP3 release stuffed with 7 great tracks from all Belgian artists. Expect crazy banging breakcore and industrial techno beats only from these lads! If you liked the previous Sickboy Tweencore release, you’ll like this one too. […]