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about lemmings, drugs, portraits and stuff

Stuff we came across recently, not worthy of a full post but fun, interesting or sweet enough to get stuffed together in an orgy of hyperlink goodness.

  • Lemmings the oldskool computer game rewritten for the web. If this gets you excited you are probably old. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s probably something you won’t really get thrilled over. Move along youngsters, nothing to see here. (via Angelo)
  • The story of stuff is a 20 minute online video about how our consumer society is eating up the planet, and the people with it. You will have heard most of these facts before separately, but when the puzzle is put together it sheds a new light on the situation. Well worth the 20 minutes of your time IMO. Makes you think, or at least, it should (via Ine).
  • Another one, on a much lighter subject is The Nerd Handbook. If you have a nerd around, or are a nerd and feel like people might benefit from reading the manual, then this is something for you. The funny thing is that it’s actually quite accurate when it comes to nerdish interaction and logic. Hell, I can tell. (via Lifehacker)
  • Face On, a photo exhibition occurring in cyberspace and meatspace at the same time. Browse through the virtual exhibition room and check out the portraits or add your own to the mix. (via Pietel)
  • Rat Trap, an interesting article about drug addiction, and how the drugs are not the problem, but our enviroment. (via

flickr now more secure… bugger

Yep, got a bit more “secure” recently, if you can call it that, and I have to say that I’m sorry to find out about it.

You see, flickr users posting their nifty pics could disallow surfers like myself from viewing the original photo and only allow the preview on the main photo page.
This makes sense of course, as some people in there are professional photographers who want to store their hi-res pictures on flickr but don’t want just any bozo (like me) to be able to rip and download their pictures for free. These guys have their property and income to protect right? The fun part however was that the protection was only half arsed. Yep, it’s was pretty easy to bypass, and you could nicely download the original if you knew the naming scheme flickr used for the original.

Now this has changed sadly enough. There’s no way you can get to the original, since the name now seems to be in no way related to the other resized versions, and well… that means I won’t be able to get those bitching backgrounds on my desktop anymore from the pros. It’s sad, yet understandable. *sigh*.

Luckily however, there are also more generous folks in there, shooting professional pictures and allowing them to be downloaded, or even better… share them under a CC license.
Bravo!” I’d say to those, and just because we like them so much, here are a hand picked examples of such great snips of those oh-so generous flickrites.

Pretty darn good stuff isn’ it? And if you click the pictures, you’ll get more eye pleasing goodness from the camera of the same photographers, and if you just can’t get enough… there’s always the Flickr CC search!

aphex twin wallpaper love

Since all the links to awesome Aphex Twin wallpaper goodness have gone dead since the original post, I thought I’d give this baby a makeover, find some new wallpapers and post them right here.

If the below ones turn up dead again at some point in the future (which I’m sure they will, it’s the nature of teh interwebz) you can always try your luck with a good Flickr search and hope you’ll strike gold.

In the meanwhile, here’s some nice ones I just found.

Textured Aphex Twin logo widescreen desktop wallpaper - 1680x1050
by gentlepurespace, cc-licensed, mirrored by yours truly.

Chosen Lords Album Closeup
by zomgcar, cc-licensed, also mirrored.

Aphex Twin // 2
by ℐules.ℛ94, copyrighted, so no mirror here.

Also check this follow up post for some more options!

banksy pwned paris hilton

Paris Hilton, naked, just the way we like her.I always loved the social criticism Banksy spread through the streets with his stencil and graffiti art, and his occasional pranks, like the one where he put some of his own art in the Brooklyn museum. But his last one where he enhanced 500 copies of the first and hopefully last Paris Hilton CD with his own views of her well earned fame really puts the cherry on the pie.

There’s this video up at youtube on how the whole thing was done, which is nice, and if you feel like taking a closer look at the art itself, you can check out these images I ripped and posted in my flickr gallery.

Credits where credits are due however, so I have to say I ripped the pictures from a myspace contant of mine going by the name of SirKazm, another Banksy fan, and judging from the URL’s to the images came from, he got them from the celebrity gossip blog called The Gossip Rag. If you’re into news like Jessica Alba’s fetish for dolphins, this might be a site for you.

The thought of this all will make it at least a bit more bearable to hear that bubble-gum pop reggae crap tune being played so bloody much on the commercial radio stations these days.

Just a bit though.

there's no stopping cgi

I came across this website the other day from one of the CGI artists that did some of the rendering for movies like The Matrix and Catwoman (Halle Berry, in a tight suit, that one).
Well, I have to say they definitely tricked me. I know a lot of processing went into the Matrix since jumping off walls, doing backfilps while shooting guns with both hands isn’t something an ordinary human pulls off without breaking his damn neck in the process, but still I was thinking they used cables and stuff to do so, like I saw in this making-off thing.

Turns out some of the shots where pure CGI. The realism of Neo’s face, or agent Smith for instance is bloody amazing. I can’t tell the different, and of course that was the whole plan. It’s scary in a way isn’t it. Who needs actors these days, except to put them in a 3D scanner first to you render their bodies with software and make them do completely unearthly stunts.

Talking of putting bodies in scanners. Judging from the pics on that site he had at some point the privilege of having a detailed scan of Halle Berrys body on his computer, willingly executing every command he could throw at it…

that’ll teach those who calling him a geek for spending so much time messing around with graphics software, ha!

start 2006 with a laugh

First post for 2006 and it’s already the 9th, oh boy, not a good start right, but hey, I’ve been busy, really, I swear!
With all the partying and new year visits and settings up some website stuff I didn’t get around to posting here. On the other hand, since I haven’t spent a lot of time surfing the web during my rather short holiday I didn’t have that much to post about either, so why bother then right? I prefer quality of quantity, and hopefully my 2 readers will approve… hehe…

it's giganight!!!First of all happy newyear to ya’ll. May 2006 be a good one for us all.
Anyway, back on track I guess, still not having to much to say, but my bro sent me this link to a comic site I’ve never seen before from a guy named Nicholas Gurewitch, and frankly, I’ve been laughing my arse off with these fine pieces or art!

They are simply hilarious! Check out the archives (the link to them somehow doesn’t work on the main page) for an hour of laughs if your sense of humour is anywhat like mine. And it ain’t just funny either. This guy has talent as he seems to be mastering a bunch of different styles fitting for each type of comic. Sweet!