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belly is the new booty

I have this one sitting in my draft for too long now without posting it, but that’s probably because I don’t have that much to say about it, and I don’t like just posting a link in here. But since this is actually a video, and it will fill up the post I’m going for it anyway. Talk about the easy way out.

So why this video? Well first of all it features a guy rapping on glitchy IDM-ish beats, which I dig. The video itself of course is a bigger reason since it’s all computer generated (yes, geek stuff fits nicely in this blog) and it has full frontal nudity, and some awesome dance routines (from the naked dude again)! Too bad it’s a dude however, so don’t get your hopes up too much. The dude does have a huge belly which makes it sort of funny in a disturbing kind of way, and it’s also a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to all the video’s featuring black girls shaking their big booties in front of the camera to yet another lame RNB tune.

So none of that crap in this video! Enjoy the phatness from Landjugend called “Tween my lips”.

web comic overload

I like the occasional web comic, and the Freakangel one is still going strong, and I’m still following it. Lately on that very same comics community forum a thread was started where folks where asked to post examples and links of their very own webcomics. The cool thing is that if you like free webcomics this is a treat. What’s even cooler from skimming the surface of what’s being posted there is that the comics are covering a wide range from funny to horror to reality-comic-like (or whatever).

Good if you have some time to kill.
Good if you don’t either, but feel like procrastinating your ass off anyway.

Photo by lindazeg, cc-licensed

the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, now for free!

3 blue humanoid aliens are staring at you

It’s turning out to be quite the musical week in posts here, but I just had to post about this one as well. Do you remember that 60×60 Buzz compilation I started last year? Well, since the Buzzchurch forum turned out to be a live bunch of music producers supplying the main source of tunes coming in for that entry, Owen Gilbride aka Cryptowen thought it would be cool to start up a new compilation. This time the theme was to write a soundtrack to the End of The World. How about that?

Right now the results are in, and are being hosted online for you to download. It consists out of 3 disks, where disk 1 represents the gathering storm before doomsday, disk 2 the chaos of doomsday itself and disk 3 the unnatural calm after the storm. All together good for over 2 hours of music, all composed in Jeskola Buzz.

You can guess where the chaotic vs calmer tracks will be at right? Anyway, this collection is another one containing a wide variety of tracks in genre and style, which makes this one great to listen to and explore some new sounds. No matter what style you are in to, you’re bound to find some gems in here that you’ll like. It’s free anyway, so nothing is wasted if this turns out to be not your thing at all, but I doubt it.

Feel free to leave some comments here, or at if you like this release. I’m sure the folks who participated in it (like me) will love it (like me).

Update: there seems to be  a problem with the VBR versions of some disks, which results in the VBR zip-file not being complete. Every file seems to be available in OGG format however.

sweet free music on phonocake

Samstag Abend Bad Comfort album cover

Even though drum’n’bass and breakcore are the absolute shizzle, some events call for music a tad less hyperactive and adrenaline pumping. A while ago I came across this release on the Phonocake netlabel which is excellent for when you feel like chilling to some non-boring electronic music.

I’m saying electronic because you can’t just slap a single label on Bad Comfort’s Samstag Abend album. If I’d have to slap anything on it, I’d go for the labels IDM, ambient, breakbeat/trip-hop and dubstep. Check out the remix of Sonntags Allein by Christian Björklund if you want that dubstep track. It’s great.

Nevertheless, I’d say download the whole lot, because it’s not only absolutely free, but also good quality music. Available for download in mp3, Oog and FLAC format, which clearly shows these guys know what they are doing. You also get some art to go with it, which I personally think is wicked for digital releases. I’d like to see that on commercial digital download services as well. It’s always fun to flick through album art, even if it’s “just” a bunch of jpegs.