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sweet free music on phonocake

Samstag Abend Bad Comfort album cover

Even though drum’n’bass and breakcore are the absolute shizzle, some events call for music a tad less hyperactive and adrenaline pumping. A while ago I came across this release on the Phonocake netlabel which is excellent for when you feel like chilling to some non-boring electronic music.

I’m saying electronic because you can’t just slap a single label on Bad Comfort’s Samstag Abend album. If I’d have to slap anything on it, I’d go for the labels IDM, ambient, breakbeat/trip-hop and dubstep. Check out the remix of Sonntags Allein by Christian Björklund if you want that dubstep track. It’s great.

Nevertheless, I’d say download the whole lot, because it’s not only absolutely free, but also good quality music. Available for download in mp3, Oog and FLAC format, which clearly shows these guys know what they are doing. You also get some art to go with it, which I personally think is wicked for digital releases. I’d like to see that on commercial digital download services as well. It’s always fun to flick through album art, even if it’s “just” a bunch of jpegs.

vintage computer ads

Clicking away through various Flickr groups and user accounts finally landed me on this old computer modem ad, telling us how damn sexy that particular piece of hardware really was. I never particularly found any computer hardware sexy since it’s way too uncurvy for that, but a huge square top box set like that was never sexy in anyone’s book I reckon. Never the less, these ads show how fast technology is moving forward, and this makes these vintage computer ads quite funny to watch. It just makes you wonder if we will be looking back at our current ads for the iPhone, mp3 players, or whatever in 20 years or so and find them equally hilarious. There’s more, in  SA_Steve‘s vintage ad collection (not all geek).

access the worlds public photo collection

Over at the excellent Flickr photo sharing service they now have a new category of pictures called The Commons. It’s not the Creative Commons searchable pictures database I talked about before. This is a collection of copyright free images which are also publicly available from libraries or other archiving organisations around the globe.

It makes me think of what they are doing over at, which also contains a vast collection of public domain material ranging from texts to sound and video. Flickr is taking a step into the same direction by letting Institutions archive their photographic collections online, and allow people like you and me to interact and help describe the collection by adding comments and tags to the photo’s.

For now only a handfull of institutions are actively submitting content, but I’m sure more will follow worldwide. Something to look forward to if you’re interested in history and photography, and a nice resource for copyright free pictures to use in your research, blogs or whatever.

more aphex twin wallpaper love

One of the top hits I’m getting on this blog is that post I did once on Aphex Twin wallpapers. In a way I thought this was odd, as there are tons of wallpaper sites around which I guessed where getting more hits than me about this kind of thing right?

But when you do a quick Google search you’ll notice that most of the sites that claim to have some wicked Aphex Twin wallpaper goodness are dummy sites that want to have you download some odd executable to get the wallpapers. Odd, and damn fishy if you ask me! Apparently there isn’t a lot of AFX wallpaper goodness out there, so I dug a little deeper and found these sweet gems deep in the bowls of the interwebs. Well, not that deep really, but they are quite nice anyway.

So there you have it. A fresh load of AFX for your monitors in various resolutions. If you feel like flexing your Photoshop muscles and create some more dazzling Aphex fan-art, feel free to let me know cause I should be getting a few more hits on this topic right after this post.

Image by pollas, cc-licensed

tyler durden's 8 rules of innovation

Fight Club rocks. If you haven’t seen the movie, or read the book, you should. Really. In fact, the movie is better than the book, which is an exception to the rule, and talking rules, via WordPress Matt’s blog I came across these 8 rules of innovation as they could have been said by Tyler Durden.

They rock. You can apply these rules to a lot really, and I find I’m not applying them enough myself.
After reading this, I think it’s time I check out the movie again as well, cause it rocks so damn hard.

So don’t forget check out these rules.

a free apocalyptic online comic in a drowned london

I can’t remember which blog tipped me off on this one, but I started reading the freely published online  Freakangels comic book online and I got hooked pretty soon.

If you like futuristic, well drawn, apocalyptic story lines containing freaks with extreme psychic powers, this comic is something right up your alley. A new episode is published on the blog for free every Friday, and they are up to 29 so far and counting.

To put it short, it plays in a drowned London city after something destroyed the world as we know it. I like apocalyptic stuff because it opens up huge possibilities for the story, and the fact that it doesn’t take place in the USA for a change is refreshing already. The graphics are excellent, and the characters compelling, so I’m looking forward to the appearance of a new episode weekly for sure.

So start reading at episode 0001, or the promo pics to see if this is something for you. Enjoy!