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soothing pastel wallpapers of japan

How about some nice oriental eye candy? Here are some beautiful pastel Japanese sights from artist Elora Pautrat. I’m only showing a few of those below. If you want more of those, and in higher resolutions, you’ll have to head over to her Owakita_ Twitter account and get them from the media list. You can […]

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paniq is making an album

That’s right. The final goal has been reached, so Paniq & Sylvia now have all the funding they need to can this awesome piece of free music in the next months. It’s great, it’s awesome and it’s gonna be free for everyone and all over the web (I think). Well it should be at least, […]

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help paniq make his new free album

Here’s an interesting business model for ya. Paniq, which latest free cc-licensed album I blogged about before, is going to make a brand new album. This time however he’s putting his day-job on hold for a few months to fully concentrate on the creation of his music and see if that changes the outcome (hoping […]

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zombie mini-comic

Meta-gaming is what happens when people take an online game outside of the game. Typical examples are clans setting up forums to discuss their devious tactics and strategy outside of the game. Wiki’s containing player’s tips and tricks and a deeper insight into the game, or even inventingĀ  a zombie language dictionary for example. A […]

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belly is the new booty

I have this one sitting in my draft for too long now without posting it, but that’s probably because I don’t have that much to say about it, and I don’t like just posting a link in here. But since this is actually a video, and it will fill up the post I’m going for […]