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google getting slightly evil?

I always figured Google where the good guys, even though they are getting bigger and bigger each day, drawing more internet-power towards them with each aquisition or new service then launch.

Even though they are well on their way to become the next Microsoft they don’t seem to be playing it a lot nicer, and aren’t abusing their almost-monopoly.

Sweet, but then I read this. Google apparently killed this 20 year old guys blog because they feel some of the blog posts contain mature or adult content by cutting off his AdSense ads. You should read the rest of the post to get all the details, but it’s kinda scary to see some anonymous Google AdSense guy called Scot execute his punishment over email without a chance of looking at the facts and settle this -what I see as a- mistake.

Lets hope they turn around on this one as it spreads through the blogosphere…

SUVs suck, now make your own ad to say so

a fucking huge SUVSUVs suck cause they’re too damn big. It’s like driving behind a bloody van when they are in front of you blocking your sight, and they blind you with their headlights when they are driving behind you.

Chevy Tahoe however thought it would be dandy to write out a competition to allow peeps like you and me to supply their own text to your very own SUV commercial. Excellent.

They haven’t started screening the results yet, so check these out while you still can. Here’s mine.
Sweet shit. Big up to lawgeek and violet blue. Don’t forget to link back here if you make some of your own cause I’d love to see more of these.

get your graphics right here

I came across this one a while ago (seriously, check the date), but as I feel it’s time to post something slightly amusing let’s dust it off, and poor it into a neat new blogpost.

Chris Overstreet, who is a complete stranger to me, blogged about this little company that existed back in 1996 which made a bunch of funny buttons you could put on your website. I dig em alright.

Here’s a few of them, three to be exact, and right here you can find the rest.

I told you it was teh funny!

the bubble project

This is a good one I came across a while ago, so you might have seen this. So this guy (or girl, I’m not sure, can’t tell) prints out a bunch of empty caption bubbles and goes around New York sticking them on ad posters, leaving them for passersby to fill in.
The site has photograps of the filled out results, and there are some really excellent and funny things in there.

IBM user that used to download porn