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get your graphics right here

I came across this one a while ago (seriously, check the date), but as I feel it’s time to post something slightly amusing let’s dust it off, and poor it into a neat new blogpost.

Chris Overstreet, who is a complete stranger to me, blogged about this little company that existed back in 1996 which made a bunch of funny buttons you could put on your website. I dig em alright.

Here’s a few of them, three to be exact, and right here you can find the rest.

I told you it was teh funny!

the bubble project

This is a good one I came across a while ago, so you might have seen this. So this guy (or girl, I’m not sure, can’t tell) prints out a bunch of empty caption bubbles and goes around New York sticking them on ad posters, leaving them for passersby to fill in.
The site has photograps of the filled out results, and there are some really excellent and funny things in there.

IBM user that used to download porn

sun r0xx0rz dell…

…would fit the current Sun add campaign aimed at the web I guess. The Dell-slapping slogans are a bit too controversial for the big corporate publications apparently, but they are too bold and funny to miss.

Here’s one of them.

Sun. 100% more bitchin' than Dell

Start some more ad campaign brawls plz you big corporations, this shit is entertaining!

funny spam

Spam, you have to hate it by now.
But occasionally you get this message in your inbox that is so (I guess unwillingly) funny that you just have to share it with other people. One I got forwarded by a colleague is this one, and damn, who doesn’t want a bigger load right?

Hey, it might actually be a good idea for spam marketeers. Make your spam mails funny dammit, it might actually make me open and read them for a change!