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ie8 finally caught up

Did you see the puke commercial Microsoft has running to promote IE8? They pulled it already on their own site but it’s on Youtube now so it’s gonna stay out there for now. But the thing is that they are throwing some big bucks at it to promote their latest IE release which bring us […]

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vintage computer ads

Clicking away through various Flickr groups and user accounts finally landed me on this old computer modem ad, telling us how damn sexy that particular piece of hardware really was. I never particularly found any computer hardware sexy since it’s way too uncurvy for that, but a huge square top box set like that was […]

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banksy pwned paris hilton

I always loved the social criticism Banksy spread through the streets with his stencil and graffiti art, and his occasional pranks, like the one where he put some of his own art in the Brooklyn museum. But his last one where he enhanced 500 copies of the first and hopefully last Paris Hilton CD with […]

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about 2 wool pullers

I wrote about how computers are used to manipulate what we see on television and in magazines daily to the extreme before, and today I ran into some more crazy evidence while on a clicking spree although the interweb. I ended up on this french site called ipub which is all about wicked looking ads, […]

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google getting slightly evil?

I always figured Google where the good guys, even though they are getting bigger and bigger each day, drawing more internet-power towards them with each aquisition or new service then launch. Even though they are well on their way to become the next Microsoft they don’t seem to be playing it a lot nicer, and […]