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pictures on how we think

Besides being an interesting article on how the human brain works, the following section really got to me.

Greene believes that although cultural influences on morals are strong, an important genetic element is also present. “Much of what we think of as culturally learned or individually reasoned in moral judgment,” he said, “may turn out to be driven primarily by evolutionary forces.”

It’s all in our genes baby.

Image by Kether

dnb fun

hardcore morris dancers

Ok, this one is just too funny to pass. For all those that are wondering how you dance to drum’n’bass, this is your chance to find out!

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monday night breakcore mix

How about some more mixes?

From lurking around the mailinglist I came across a fellow calling himself cutup, and he put some sweetass mixes online for all breakcore/gabber/drum’n’bass/ragga/idm headz to enjoy.
I haven’t checked em all just yet, but the Five Million mix is just finger licking good if you ask me!

Watch your bassbins!

neato reflection on a record
Image by synthetic_tom

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time for a change

I got tired of the basic lime/terminal-eske layout of this blog. It was neat for a while, but I’ve seen some nicer blog layouts around lately (and some worse too actually) so I decided to give it a go and gives this page a makeover.
I used a wicked abstract wallpaper image from a fellow dnbhead known by the name of XZ32 for the colour scheme (bigup mate!), and the background images you see used behind the title and the topic captions.

I sorta like it, I hope you do too :)

music rant


Things can get rather silly with the multitude of subgenres in electronic music today. Subgenres are ok, as long as you don’t overdo it, but that can be said for everything right, from masturbation to voting for the republicans…
Anyway, it’s just plain silly when they start inventing a new subgenre as soon as someone brings out a tune that sounds a bit different from the current main-genre,
like clownstep in drum’n’bass for instance, just because there is this typical triplets beat pattern in it, while some of the tunes are just as techy as anything else labeled techstep…

What I find a pity though, is that the sungenre thing seems to have lead to certain DJs sticking to a single subgenre, and not play any records outside of that genre.
I know some guys who mainly play technoid/techstep, which is cool though, but when I hear sets on by people like Living Fate, GeorgeT and D-Lux for instance, combining techstep, ragga-jungle, gabber, IDM and breakcore into one set, that really blows my socks off (if I’m wearing socks at that particular moment that is).

Variation is the spice of life my grandmother always says (she doesn’t really, she doesn’t know any English anyway), so bring on as many subgenres and genres as you like, as long as you don’t stick to a single one…

Kato had it right in Total Recall, open your mind! :)

(ps: links to mixes will die in no time, get them while you can)