hack the mind

A book called Mind Hacks got published by O’Reilly recently, and there’s a blog accompanying it with snippets from the book and some more interesting comments on how to find out how our internal neural computer really works. Sweet!

tips windows

better living through registry tweaks

This is an old one, but it’s one of those things you lookup every time you setup a new machine cause there’s no way you remember exactly what registry keys that where again. This list of registry tweaks for Windows NT/2K/XP is a nice compilation of what are probably the most useful ones to be […]

breakcore car dnb jungle mp3 music promo mix

Oh yeah. Arnicus from jungletrain dot net has mixed together a promotional set for ya’ll to download, burn and pump from your car/room/whatever. There’s even a cue sheet, in cause you want to burn it to a CD-R. Ain’t that sweet!? Here’s the tracklist to spike your interest: In Out ### Title Label 00:00 00:28 […]

fun geek

getting wired

Some articles of interest appeared on Wired the last few days. These are a few of my favs: Her So-Called Digital Life Any blogger or g33k will probably recognize this. As more people plug into cyberspace, our interpersonal relationships — already framed by e-mail and real-time instant messaging — will become predominately digital. We’ll exist […]

dnb idm jungle mp3 music ragga

kid 606 in the mix

While surfing some blogs I came across this one with a Kid 606 mix in it (linking to tigerbeat6), so I spend some bandwidth on it, and you know what? It rocks. It’s a ragga-jungle/dancehall thing this time, wicked, so if you’re into that, rip it, and if not, you can get to know it, […]