capslock promo set

Here’s another one for the breakcore fans. Capslock is a Dutch breakcore artists I posted about a few times before on this blog. Recently he uploaded a promo live-set on Soundcloud for free download for us breakcore heads to enjoy. So check out his 46 minutes and 36 seconds long industrial-breakcore-IDM-noise set for yourself straight […]

long time no beats

Well it’s still January, so officially it’s still OK to say: Happy New Year!! It’s been really quiet over here lately since non-internet things like moving to a new place and putting things in and out of boxes have eaten a lot of my spare time. But now that things are starting to slow down […]

mp3 set filled of hardcore goodness

It’s been a while, but it’s that time again. Yep, it’s time for some hardcore breaks and beats in mp3 format. First off we have a breakcore-gabber-hardcore-techno live set from Capslock vs Sleepbug in Amsterdam. Check out the hosts website Anti Narcose Records as well for more downloads in the mp3 section from Sleepbug. Second […]