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enduser and bong-ra breakcore set

I’m going to keep it short and simple in this one. I noticed an Enduser mix being posted at the Ad Noiseam label blog (great label btw),which also links to a sweet Bong-Ra mix (also wicked). Both are hosted at the Electronic Explorations blog which is starting to become one hell of a resource for […]

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bandcamp is full of awesome

Bandcamp is great. Not only because it allows artists from all over the earth to share their tunes and albums with the inhabitants of that same earth. No. There’s plenty of other ways to do that. Bandcamp is great because if you pay for the music, the artist gets most of the money directly. Not […]

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gein & teknoist make a good sonic combo

It’s that time again to dump some hard beats and distorted sounds on your breakcore and dark-step loving asses. How about some Gein? Hard & dark drum’n’bass producers who now started their own label Bad Chemistry Recordings. Of course they are hosting some promo mixes on their site. So go get em, cause they’re awesome. […]

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massive breakcore mix archive

It’s been a while since I posted a breakcore mix or live set here, but this post will certainly make up for that. After the jump you’ll find a huge list of breakcore/raggacore/jungle/dnb mixes and live sets from lots of well-known and some lesser known names in the scene. The sets aren’t the most recent, […]

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get a free dj set and save the black swan

I usually don’t do this but I’m going to go ahead into some easy-peasy copy-pasting blog posting shizzle (via UEH). Judging from the names on the track list this set just has to be kick-ass, even without listening to it myself. I just hope it’s not a Rick-roll hoax oslt. Anyway, check it out and […]