evol intent is giving away free tunes

Free tunes, what’s not to like. Free tunes from Evol Intent, that’s even better. How about 35 free tracks and remasters of classic tunes like “8-Bit Bitch”, “Where’s The Score”, “Corrupt Cops” and many more? Awesome indeed. You get all of this goodness straight from their Soundcloud Throwback Tunes playlist. Be sure to fav it […]

evol intent + eye-d & hidden mp3 mixes

A quick fix for the hardcore drum’n’bass addicts tuning into the blog. I just came across two mixes on breaksblog.biz that are super-break-a-licious if you ask me. An Eye-D & Hidden promo mix (dem dutchies know how to rawk it hard) and the fabulous Evol Intent from the US of A with a dnbradio.com liveset. […]

6 months of awesome mixes

We’re halfway 2012 and these mixes I posted earlier are still rocking my media devices for regular airplay.So here’s a recap in case you’ve missed out on those awesome sounds. For the dubstep folks, there’s a free 16 bit “dazed” mix plus a wicked hard Peace Off Mix 09. Darkstep drum’n’bass lovers will digg Cooh‘s […]