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uninstall the HP Omen Gaming HUB

You don’t really need this piece of bloatware that comes with your HP Omen machine. It’s fast enough on its own to be able to run the latest games, and I doubt the HUB software makes an actual difference.

In fact, it might even hinder performance. I noticed something odd with it, and it turned out that every minute it was launching a PowerShell process to check if some other software was installed. Every. Minute.

This PowerShell session isn’t started with the -noprofile switch either, so that means your PS profile is loaded every time. This slows things down, certainly if you have a profile with lots of handy PS modules in it, like I have.

So I ended up uninstalling the HP Omen Gaming HUB and never looked back. That also fixed the annoying bug where the HUB disabled my Windows key, and didn’t switch it back on after quitting the game…

So, how do you install the HUB?
Pretty simple, you can use the built-in Windows settings tool to uninstall software, and search for “HP” to find it.
If you’d want it back afterward anyway, you can find it on the HP site to reinstall it.

If you do want some extra performance out of your machine while gaming, here’s a tip: close all your browsers and Electron apps. That’ll free up a ton of memory.

Use the Task Manager to see what is gobbling up memory and CPU on your PC, and close the apps. That’ll free up more resources than the Gaming HUB will ever be able to do.

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