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fossil hr collider screen reset

The Fossil HR Collider is a great hybrid smartwatch. With the e-paper screen, it last for weeks without having to recharge, and it has just enough features to make it worth the title of a smartwatch. It also looks great with its retro analog watch style, instead of a dark, dead screen on your wrist.
Nothing is perfect however, and I’ve run into a few occasions where the watch didn’t show what it was supposed to on the e-paper screen. Sometimes that was due to my own doing, sometimes it was a glitch.
Since I keep forgetting about the reset options the watch has, I’ve listed them all 3 here.

Let’s start with the easiest one: how to show or hide the dials on the screen. Your background (if you have one) should be showing, but you’re missing the dials for your steps, heart rate, weather, and date?

1. Press and hold the top button for two seconds.

You’ll see the screen flash, and it will hide or show the dials. I’ve turned these off by accident, thinking my watch was broken. Simply using that button brought them back.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to reset your watch. This could help with all sorts of funny business.

2. Reset your watch by holding the middle button for 10 seconds.

You will see a reset message appear, and the watch will vibrate. Keep going and the watch will then reset.

Hopefully you have the problem fixed by now.
If not, there’s still the last resort.

3. Do a factory reset on the watch.

You have to do the factory reset from the mobile app, so unfortunately these steps can change when the app gets an update.
With the current version (2022) you have to open the app, and tap the small watch icon in the top right corner. There you see a list of the watches you have connected with the app.
Select your watch, slide down and choose the “Remove device” option.
Follow the necessary steps to disconnect the watch.

Afterwards, reconnect the watch to the app using the link wizard.

Did this fix your problem? Awesome. You can now buy me a beer. ;)
If not, time to contact support, I’m afraid.

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