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the 10+ android apps I use the most

Smart Launcher 2 for Android makes your home screen look all nice and minimalWell look at that. It’s time for another of my most-frequently used and super useful Android apps roundup! I’ll be comparing to the list of 2010 (whooosh, where did time go) to see who’s still around and who dropped off.

  1. The browser. I’m using Chrome now, cause it’s faster and uses less memory than Firefox. Sorry foxy, but I still use you the most on the desktop! I stopped using the stock one because it doesn’t get updates and that’s just not safe any more.
  2. To get quick access to any power toggles I now use Power Toggles from Painless Apps. The best thing here is that it allows you to dock the power buttons you want in an extra notification bar, so it fits right in with the notification bar the OS provides by default. This also avoids clutter on your home screen, which I like.
  3. For note taking I’m not using a specific app any more. I resort to plain text files now because they are easy to sync with Dropsync and also edit with the Dropbox app (and more, see later).
  4. SimpleTask cloudless is my todo-list app. It uses the portable and future proof todo.txt format, which means my todo list is a mere text file synced to the cloud (see #3) and editable with any text editor. You can also use the SimpleTask app which automatically syncs with Dropbox, but I’m already using Dropsync for that.
  5. FBReader is still my eReader of choice, together with Instapaper app for any read-later articles collected online.
  6. The Tiny Tiny RSS app is my Android RSS reader client, but you need to host your own Tiny Tiny RSS RSS reader web app to be able to use that, so it’s probably not for everyone.
  7. Tweedle has become the twitter app of choice. It’s slick, it has tabs and it’s fast. Can’t remember exactly why I dropped Tweetdeck. I think it broke down or got really slow at some point.
  8. I like minimalism when it comes to launchers. Before I used Zeam Launcher (no longer under development unfortunately) or the stock one, but now I’m using¬† Smart Launcher 2 for a while and quite like it. It takes some getting used to, but it’s super minimal and original.
  9. ¬†ES File Explorer is an extremely handy system tool. This “file manager” app is way more than just that. Next to exploring your internal and SD storage It allows editing of text files, open zip archives and has a music player and image viewer built-in. It gives you access to cloud services, FTP or network drivers if you want. You can even use it to share files over it’s built-in FTP server. Other features like a task manager and app cache cleaner makes this a must-have app on any Android phone.
  10. Bittorrent Sync just has to be in here as well. If there’s one tool that makes syncing large amounts of files between your phone and a PC a breeze without needing the cloud, it’s this one.
  11. AutomateIt Pro is my automation tool. Change sound levels when at home or work or late at night, start my music app when I connect headphones, turn on wifi & sync when I plug-in the charger. It takes care of all these little tasks for me.

Anything awesome I should be checking out? The comment box is awaiting your wise words.

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