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how to update chocolatey

I use Chocolatey all the time to quickly install software on Windows machines. At some point Chocolatey itself also gets an upgrade, which just happened recently and then I can never remember how to get Chocolatey itself upgraded.

It’s in the documentation somewhere I’m sure, but since Chocolatey is about easily installing and upgrading Windows software, it was bound to work “recursively”.

So here’s how you do that from a Windows shell prompt, for (my) future reference:

    c:\> chocolatey upgrade chocolatey

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It looks like choco update is being deprecated in favor of choco upgrade, might want to update the post. Thanks!

I don’t see anyone posting, so let me be the first! ;)
I’m sure many others have benefit from this.

PS:My email is not real. I rarely leave my real email anywhere, sorry.

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