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with Evol Intent and Ed Rush you can’t go wrong right?

29-07-10 You Be The Writer And Decide The Words I Say

I’ve seen some great drum’n’bass mixes fly by on the internetz lately, so after scrupulous review of the downloaded mp3’s I’ve decided to yet again inform my dear readership of these fine audio files.

Let’s kick of with someone who had a huge influence on the sound of drum’n’bass, mister Ed Rush. As you can expect, this Fabric set of his contains quite a lot of dark and neurfunkish sounding tunes. If you like the more technological sounding drum’n’bass this is something for you. Good stuff.

A second one I have for sharing is another high energy, dnb mixed with some drumfunk or dubstep or whatever it’s called kinda tracks from the Evol Intent cru. If you downloaded and liked one of the previous sets I posted, you’re in for a treat again. This stuff has balls.


Photo by Bethan, cc-licensed.

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