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Free albums. Gotta love em.

If you like dark and glitchy soundscapes and broken distorted beats then Disruption of Space might be something for you. This free album by Somatic Responses has a range of tracks from 2009 to 2011 featuring their signature distorted sound. If you like it, there’s more of that for a small price here.

Also on bandcamp and with a number of free albums is an artist I hadn’t heard from before until recently called Gross Prophet. He fits in nicely with other artists I fancy though. If I’d have to stick some labels on there I’d say his music sounds like you’d take a few slices of Aphex Twin sounds, mix in a good shot of Venetian Snares beats, then add some Squarepusher bass licks to it and mix it all up nicely in a breakcore-blender for a few minutes. Serve with loud, hot speakers.
Original enough on its own with all these well-known influences? Well, yes, I think so indeed. If you love the 3 free albums he has up there, why not get his latest “Vague Memories of Self” as well and support the artist. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

Photo by festerbme, cc-licensed.

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