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gein & teknoist make a good sonic combo

Evil Shrooms

It’s that time again to dump some hard beats and distorted sounds on your breakcore and dark-step loving asses.

How about some Gein? Hard & dark drum’n’bass producers who now started their own label Bad Chemistry Recordings. Of course they are hosting some promo mixes on their site. So go get em, cause they’re awesome. This 54 minute podcast is another free mix to check out, and as if that isn’t enough, their Soundcloud account has free tracks sprinkled all over it.

Not breakcory enough? How about a Filthcast featuring The Teknoist? You know it’s going to pop your eardrums when you see names like Bong-Ra, Broken Note, The Outside Agency and of course Donny on the track-list.

If you like this, stay tuned for some more of the finer harder electronics in the near future. In the meanwhile, it pays to keep an eye out on theĀ core music weekly curated by yours truly.
Check it oooooooooooooooout!

Photo by Scabeater, cc-licensed.

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