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It’s been a while since I posted a breakcore mix or live set here, but this post will certainly make up for that. After the jump you’ll find a huge list of breakcore/raggacore/jungle/dnb mixes and live sets from lots of well-known and some lesser known names in the scene.
The sets aren’t the most recent, but hey, who cares if you can get hours and hours of free breakcore mp3’s to stuff your pods and players with. On the list you’ll find sets from Aaron Spectre, Abelcain, Baseck, Bong-Ra, C64, Cutups, Diskore, Donna Summer, Doormouse, Dustrickx, Droon, FFF, Hecate, Larvae, Mark N, Parasite, Paul Blackout, Producer Snafu, Rotator, Sickboy, Xanopticon and many many more.
Yes. That name dropping is mainly to pull in some Google hits on the topic. Cause I just want to share this with all you breakcore lovers out there. I’m that nice indeed.

You can start your downloading frenzy right here.

Photo by craigCloutier, cc-licensed.

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Cool site :)
I’m the bass player from UK band Tribazik. I was hoping you could help us spread the word of our remix EP. It features Venetian Snares and Ghost(life4land) on it. We have a 12″ vinyl and glow in the dark T-shirts as merch, plus digital download. More info can be found here:

Happy to send you a digital version of the tracks to review. Any posts you do we will promote on our page too.

Many thanks and everything helps in keeping us bands afloat :)

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