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android ringtones, alarms and notifications the easy way

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Lot’s of smartphones come with software tools from the phone’s manufacturer to easily sync data, add ringtones, media etc. Most of those tools however suck so hard, they can suck a golf ball through a garden-hose.

With Android however you don’t need to install that crapware as you can get access to your sd card easily by hooking it up using a good old USB cable (miniUSB probably). But how do you add those nifty mp3 ringtones you so carefully crafted from your favourite top-40 breakcore hits?
Or how about notifications when you receive a new text-message, a tweet or whatever? How about those alarms? I mean, waking up to that dreadful rooster or old-fashioned analogue ring is only making it worse to get up in the morning to go to work.

Well, all that can be done by simply creating some folders in the root of your SD card and putting some mp3 or wav files in it.

So those folder names to use are:

  • Ringtones
  • Alarms
  • Notifications

That’s it!
Once your phone has re-indexed the sd-card’s content, you’ll see the files appear in your ringtone, alarm & notification lists.

Photo by postbear, cc-licensed.

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