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darkmatter 10 year celebration set by minion & resurrector

Darkmatter soundsystem apparently exist 10 years now, which is great! Known for pimping the harder kind of electronic music they also threw a party and thanks to the awesomeness of the internet we can enjoy some of the sets thrown there. Here’s one you can actually download in AIFF format. Why? I have no idea. mp3 would be handier, but at least you’re getting a high quality audio file oslt. Anyway, get the Minion & Resurrector set and enjoy that awesome intro tune they use. Lulz.

There’s also a Somatic Responses set there, but unfortunately that’s up for streaming only.


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hey, brother in crime!

nice blog you got here.. long live the underground!
i’ve got something for ya: we are an underground-netlabel for extreme electronic music (breakcore, digital hardcore, industrial, dubstep and a lot of heavy, experimental stuff) and have just released our first label-cmpilation named UNCTRL (free of course), maybe it’s something nice to put on your blog.. ;)
listen and download at:
best wishes from the depths of the german underground

sirko drive / crach records

As long as we can get the full sets I don’t really care myself what format they are in. Maybe FLAC would be good too, it’ll probably be smaller in size. Big chance you’d still need to convert it yourself to mp3 then though, as a lot of mp3 players can’t play that format either.
People tend to be lazy though and in a lot of cases simply not tech-savy enough to convert a file to mp3.
But as I said, it’s good, it’s free so it’s fine by me. :)

Hey N3wjack. Brian Albers here of Humorless Productions.

The Darkmatter guys have been kind enough to allow me to record their events for many years now, and I recorded, mixed and mastered this Minion & Resurrector set.

Why aiff? Well, all the recordings I make, Darkmatter or whomever, are recorded in aiff, and I keep them in aiff through every step of the process all the way from the initial recording through the final mix. And it’s an aiff that I deliver to every artist that I record. Why? Because it’s the highest possible quality audio of the recording.

Once it’s in the artists’ hands, they can do whatever they want with it. M&R could have converted it to something else for easier download. You’d have to ask them about it. If I were to hazard a guess, it’s either because they are lazy and didn’t want to bother with it, or perhaps they actually care about making the recording available in the format of the highest possible quality and letting all the downloaders convert it to the format of their choice. for excerpts of the other people who played that night, as well as the other recordings I’ve made over the years.

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