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install multiple windows applications at once


Getting a new computer is awesome. Installing all your most frequently used and essential bits of Windows software on it isn’t. So I searched the web for something that could do this boring task for me. Computers are usually good at that. I remember using something called AppSnap in the past, but that hasn’t been updated since 2008 which makes it so 2008 that I didn’t think of using it anymore. A few well placed Google queries later I ended up with something called Ninite.

Ninite gives you a list of well-chosen and good free and open source software (I’m just saying this cause most of my personal favs are in the list), check some boxes and download a lightweight installer. After that, the installer gets the list of your preselected software and goes off to download them one by one and installs them for you. Like a nice little helper robot monkey oslt. Awesome.
Saved me a bunch of time, which I used to write this little review. Ain’t that something!

Photo by Robert S. Donovan, cc-licensed.

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