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eye-d and hidden filthcast

technics sl-1200 mk2

The Barcode Filthcasts are known to be full of dark and gritty drum’n’bass and this new release isn’t any different. This time DJ Hidden and Eye-D are behind the decks to fill your ears with their trademark dnb darkness to promote their upcoming album (can’t wait for this one really).

This 42 minute long mix is also available as a Soundcloud stream, or as a straight mp3 download.
Check it outz0r I’d say.

Track listing:

Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Chemical Dreams
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Transformer
DJ Hidden – The Outsider Looking In
Black Sun Empire & Eye-D – Milkshake VIP
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Highways
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Speed Bump
DJ Hidden – Breathe In, Breathe Out
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Ascender
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Rain
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Break You
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Instinct
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Battlefield
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Time Device
SPL & Eye-D – Atomic Bass
Eye-D & Squee – Circuitry
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Beholder
DJ Hidden – You’re Not Real
The Outside Agency – Cross
The Outside Agency & Current Value (LTM VIP)

Photo by tricky, cc-licensed.

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