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cleaning up disk space on windows round-up

I installed my PC initially with a separate C drive dedicated for Windows and system specific files. Unfortunately it turned out that I picked that drive too small as I didn’t foresee that there is plenty of software out there that simply won’t allow you to install to a different location than C:\Program Files. To add to that, Windows itself had its share of service packs and updates which doesn’t actually make it smaller in size either. And then there’s the .NET framework, in all it’s versions.

So soon I ran into the very annoying issue that Windows kept telling me I was running low on disk space on my C drive. This eventually causes updates unpacking to your temp folder (also on the C drive of course) to fail, stuffing up even more hard drive space. Over the years I found a few tricks to avoid or fix this issue and as a good blogger I also documented those right here.

Here’s a little round-up of what you can do to free up some disk space, or create some more:

Spread the word if any of these tips helped you out and saved you from wasting hours reinstalling your machine. It saved me from doing just that a few times, so I’m hoping this post can be a huge time-saver for anyone coming across it.

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