breakcore hardcore jungle mp3 music

breakcore ragga jungle parasite mix

An actual parasite, not the type that plays records and posts online mixes.

Here’s a link to a wicked mix from Parasite containing tons of hardcore junglist raggacore mixed up with a slice of breakcore and seasoned with a touch of dubstep. In short, everything you need to spice up a boring commute, a few hours of cubicle coding or energetic enough to replace an extra cup of coffee in the morning. Here’s the freely downloadable mp3 for the mix, and here’s a track list on mixcloud if you want to know who’s who and what’s what. If you’re not tired of the Amens (and who ever gets tired of those) this is one more good mix to store on your mp3 player, iPod or Android smartphone device.

There’s some Venetian Snares in there as well. ‘Nuff said indeed!

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