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Since I’m a tad preoccupied with building a house and all I’m going to use that as an excuse to dump some links here to stuff I ran into over the last couple of weeks that are interesting enough to share with you, my dear blog reader:

  • Such as a web site where you can search for an open source alternative for commercial/proprietary software you’d like to replace. It also has all the OSS software nicely sorted in a bunch of categories, making it easy to find new and exciting new OSS goodies as well.
  • If you like a laugh, check out He replies to emails and it’s hilarious. You might know him from emails such as the 7 legged spider.
  • Or how about some mash-up business? Been a while since I ran into a good one. This one takes stuff from twitter and turns it into a newspaper! Seriously. An online paper that is, at I made his one on stuxnet for example, by pulling links from the twitter hashtag. You can create one by tracking a user’s followers, lists or as mentioned a hashtag.
  • Stuxnet on it’s own is a topic worth reading about as a geek. It’s amazing how much pwnage this software worm has in it’s tiny bytes. Symantec has a very detailed and good read on it.

That’s it!

Photo by jef safi, cc-licensed.

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