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presenting some kick ass breakcore from Doc Colibri


I’ve been listening to some seriously cool and kick-ass breakcore lately I downloaded completely free and legal from the interwebs. In fact I’ve linked to his stuff before here since he’s got an album up at the Love Love Recordings label.

So why this separate post then? We’ve heard of him before! Well I can’t tell if you downloaded that particular Po…pô…Popp! E.P. but you should. You really should. If you like breakcore of course. What does it sound like? Well it sounds a bit like Venetian Snares when you first listen to it. Fast energetic ravey sounding chopped up breakcore-jungle-rave tunes with a bunch of funny French samples in them and odd beat patterns. You’ll love it. But it’s not just “like vsnares”. Doc Colibri borrows the good stuff just like any good artists does and gives it his own French kiss kind of twist.
The man is keen on sampling for sure. Besides the regular jungle breaks and sounds there’s the obligatory Samuel L. Jackson or other movie sample in there as well of course. In some tunes you’ll even hear sampled bits of Aphex Twin & Snares (blasphemy!!). I think I heard a bit of Technical Itch and The Prodigy in there as well. Anyway, besides the tiny bit of inbreeding this guy has some breakcore skills worth checking out.

So if you’re up for some free wicked Colibri sounds, you can download 5 freely available albums from his Myspace page. Five free albums. I know! It’s crazy!

You can download the albums from his Myspace page under the Albums header. I’m only gonna hot-link his first 1ere Giclee album here because that’s the only one not linked directly from his Myspace page. It’s nicer that way, although I hate having to send you to a Myspace page. But hot linking isn’t cool either, so there you have it.

Photo by Danny Perez Photography, cc-licensed.

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