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Close to the Edge

As the holidays are only a few hours from being over and done with, I’m burning myself a neat little CD-R filled with mp3’s I’ve downloaded for free over the internet from a few netlabels I’ve been pimping in here a few times before. Never the less I’m going to mention them again because they have brought me hours of good breakcore tunes without having to leave the house or dish out some real or digital cash.

If you are in for some new and good breakcore tunes for cheaps, be sure to check out these labels.

  • The ZombFreeMP3 label over at Ninja Columbo from Miike Teknoist bringing hard DJ mixes and great hardcore drum’n’bass/breakcore releases. If you know the man’s music, you know what to expect. Sort of.
  • Then there’s Love Love Records. I mentioned them before with the Piss On Your Rave EP which turns out to be just one of the great releases hosted there. They had a bit of a hosting problem at the moment of the previous post, but that’s been mostly fixed now. So you can go ahead and get yourself some free mp3s ranging from banging breakcore beats to more IDM-ish synthy techno sounds. This compilation is a good starting point for one. Check it out!
  • isn’t bad either. I’ve scrobbled the noise I listed to over there for quite a while already. The boffins came up with some sizzling algorithms that figure out what kind of music you are into and give you a bunch of free similar music just for the heck of it. The music itself is posted on for free by the artists themselves, so it’s all fair play too. Which is nice. I got myself a good 200 MB of free tunes that way and I have to say that the larger part of it is stuff I indeed like. An interesting new way of finding out about new artists I’d say.
    If you have an account there, log in and check out Recommendations > Free mp3s

Photo by Viqi French, cc-licensed.

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