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TurntableMore Teknoist goodness this week! If you checked out the Filthcast sessions from the Barcode recordings camp you know you’re in for some really kick-ass beats with the Teknoist behind the decks.

This mix is packed with the hardest drum’n’bass, breakcore and industrial-techno-rave-hardcore, or whatever it’s called. It rocks. Check it out.

Interested in finding out some more about this mad hatter behind the decks? Check out this interview at the Ad Noiseam label site.

DJ Shadow – Outsider (Universal Mowtown)
Diode – Antimatter (Abducted)
Hellfish – Theme From Fuck Daddy (Deathchant)
Spor – Kaori (Lifted Music)
Eendymion – Abduction (Enzyme)
I:Gor – Icebreaker (Counterstrike Remix) (Nekrolog1k Recordings)
Bkey – Scanner (Barcode Recordings)
Unexist & Mad Dog – Fight THe Power (DT6 Inc)
Skeptic – Tear (East Side)
Remarc – RIP Remix (Planet Mu)
Bizzy B – Darkside (Brain 2)
Spor – Kingdom (Lifted Music)
The DJ Producer – Tectonics (Rebel Scum)
The Teknoist – Unheard Voices (Sustained)
Noisia – Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) (Division)
Hecq – Bane
Donny – HUH, ER, OW (The Teknoist Mashup)
Donny – The Resistance (Algorythm Recordings)
AK-Industry – Nekrolog1k Anthem (The Teknoist Remix) (Nekrolog1k Recordings)
The Teknoist – Richies Breakcore Love Song (AD Noiseam)
Dolphin & The Teknoist – The Ordasity
Dolphin & The Teknoist – John Carpenters Squidsophrenic Lovechild
Enter Shikari – Sorry Your Not A Winter (The Teknoist Remix)

Photo by Mr Guep, cc-licensed

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