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slugplates are full of dub


All this breakcore needs to be balanced out with some slowish yet manly dubstep now and then doesn’t it? Manly indeed, cause this isn’t the kind of music you slow-dance too now is it? It’s all about smoking fat spliffs, downing a few pints and bobbing your head to the low frequencies. Or at least, that’s what I imagine it is about anyway. No matter how you enjoy your dubstep, be it at a summer BBQ with a glass of spiked sangria in your hand or while sitting in your cubicle at work under artificial lights and in an air-cooled climate injecting the beats and bass in your brain through your ear buds, still bobbing that head, it’s all good.

Slugplates 5 contains tracks from among others : Kryptic Minds (also the drum’n’bass lads I suppose), Loefah, Vex’d, Benga, N-Type and a number of Cogent tracks from the Counter Motions free EP.

You can get it and stream it at SoundCloud, get it as a SendIt download (including artwork) or listen to it on MixCloud.
You can also get their previous mixes on SoundCloud, so don’t tell me you ain’t getting your dubstep fix with this one OK?

Photo by Mr Guep, cc-licensed

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