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ninja columbo loves belgium

Ninja Columbo loves Belgium. The bloody hearth says it all.

Well I couldn’t just go without posting this one now could I? It’s yet another smashing Ninja Columbo Free MP3 release stuffed with 7 great tracks from all Belgian artists. Expect crazy banging breakcore and industrial techno beats only from these lads! If you liked the previous Sickboy Tweencore release, you’ll like this one too. If you didn’t, you might still like it, cause there’s more than him on it. Ha! All free at zombfree, all day long.

  1. Drums Are For Parades – Dead Katz (Droon’s Shot mix)
  2. Igneon System – World Recarnation (Ninja Columbo)
  3. Kaoss Engine -The Giant Wolf 2
  4. Mr Orange (Abused Recordings) – DJ Mix
  5. Sickboy – The Unstoppable Universe
  6. X&trick – Full Moon
  7. Zat & Kepazoid – Join The Gang

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