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i piss on your rave

A skull with crossed glowsticks beneath it. Very rave and very hardcore.

What’s all this foul-mouthed language about you say? Well it’s breakcore man, it suits the genre! In fact, it’s all about one hell of a hardcore banging piece of breakcore-rave-awesomeness I came across by searching for the Snaregasme track that was supposed to be totally the shit according to a tweet from @grindthieves somewhere last week. Turns out he’s right. It IS a fucking great track and a great EP freely available for download it seems. Wicked, wicked, wicked!
You should be able to get it right here at Love Love Records but unfortunately the download link is broken. Pitty. I did find a sendspace link that is still available where you can fetch this release though, so go get it before it expires!

  1. Eraserhead – Music 4:02
  2. Gizmode – Snaregasm 5:26
  3. Gizmode – Painfrisk (Eraserhead Remix) 4:50
  4. Len Fers – Kustard Gannet (Eraserhead Remix) 4:11
  5. Gizmode – Sweatpatch 3:42
  6. Eraserhead – Zombie Face Punch 5:18

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