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help paniq make his new free album

Here’s an interesting business model for ya. Paniq, which latest free cc-licensed album I blogged about before, is going to make a brand-new album. This time however he’s putting his day-job on hold for a few months to fully concentrate on the creation of his music and see if that changes the outcome (hoping it’ll sound totally awesome I guess). Since this will cut in on his cash-flow, he’s looking at the internet to fund his poor artists’ ass while he’s working on the album.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I don’t mind chipping in a few bucks or euros for some good free music!” then by all means head over to the album’s website and make a donation. It’s conveniently called, so you can’t miss. If you’re feeling very generous you’ll even get extra benefits, ranging from a thank-you on the album booklet, a physical copy of the album or a stripper coming to perform the album live in your bedroom!

Well, that last one I made up, but there are some cool options in there if you’re willing to lay down the cash, so check it out.

Also, worth nothing for the open source zealots out there. The album will be made completely on free software. Awesome.
So? Is “The Most Remarkable Album On This Entire Planet” going to get finished?

Well. It’s up to us, really.

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