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If you dug this last free release from Herv, you’re in for another treat. The man published  another free album filled with more rave inspired IDM called Gang Molded. The first tracks have a very heavy Squarepusher-sound to them. Maybe it’s just those acid samples and the mandatory IDM cuts on the breaks and beats, but this sounds like it’s coming straight from Selection Sixteen or Go Plastic. From track 3 on things start to get a more original vibe into a more techno-rave sound with some great vocals on “Now That’s What I Call Positivity” which also features my most favourite classic break side by side with the Amen. Funny thing is that track number 9 which goes by the same title is also my second favourite of the album. That slow dubsteppy kind of vibe with the ambient sounds make the track just awesome.

So if you feel like getting some nice and free IDM sounds for your iPood or mp3 player, go get it right here.

Herv, if you’re listening: turn that Squarepusher acid into your own sound and keep those sweet tracks coming man.

Photo by seequinn, cc-licensed.

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