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josh's interstellar transmission

Here’s a DJ set which I’ve been particularly enjoying lately uploaded by Josh-Hill, one of the DJ’s and founders. I love it because even though it contains a lot of drum’n’bass, it has a very chilled feel to it. Slow halfstepĀ  beats (think Amit-style/dubsteppy beats) with a dark brooding mood to them.

If you’re in the mood for some more chilled yet cutting edge and beat-driven sounds, this set might be right up your alley.

You can also check him out live on Wednesdays from 17:30h to 19h CET (4:30 and 6pm UTC).

Ash – Foundations :: Rawjak
Morphy – Echo Chamber :: Exegene
Aphonic – Boogeyman :: Elevated Press
Division – Deep Roots :: Broken Audio
Instra:mental – Thugtronik :: Exit
Saburuko – Latency :: Horizons
S13 – Seppuku :: S13 – Seppuku
Marginal – Style Is A Cage :: DubKraft
Sabre – Marvel :: Critical
Ash – Godless :: Rawjak
Deepanic – Kain :: Mind Outside
San.Dra – Shaman :: Subtle Audio
Flatliners – Twisted Dreams :: Break-Fast Audio (forthcoming)
Morphy – Samsara (Linden Remix) :: Nerve
Omnius – Solace :: Amen Brothers
Breakage – Come Back :: Bassbin
SKV18 – Trampolin Queen :: SKV18 – Trampoline Queen
Dominic Ridgway – Beauty Falls :: Silk
Ultracode – G :: Silk
Blue Motion – No Tenderness For Us :: Silk
Es.tereo – Faces :: Hidden Hawaii

Photo by samuel van dijk, cc-licensed

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