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cex with tigerbeats mix

It’s time for some grimey, dark, growling deep bass-lines  with this dubstep mix from CEX’s TB6 on Tigerbeats soundcloud page. Be sure to get it before it hits the download limit of 100 and you’ll be forced to listen to it only through the site itself. Stuffed with classic and awesome tracks this one is a delight for those craving the subs.

Here’s what’s in it:

  1. Dirtbag- Silencer
  2. Bad pillz- Bruce Stallion
  3. Rawkus- Brackles
  4. Drop dead funk- BADXMAN
  5. Hoody hoodrat- Dukeyman
  6. Metal funk- Elemental
  7. Last chance- Starkey
  8. Puzzle- Virgo
  9. Carne sentada- Cardopusher
  10. Masai mara- Youngsta & Seven
  11. Money lotion track- Scottie B
  12. Gold or soul- Hyetal
  13. Me nuh run from dem (feat. Stush)- Dexplicit
  14. Found it- Gritt
  15. Digital- El-b
  16. Head screwed on (instrumental)- J Beatz
  17. Heroics- Emalkay
  18. Come on mate- Monstr
  19. 28 hours later- 12th Planet
  20. Sound of the future- Stenchman
  21. New era- Kanji Kinetic
  22. Sound of love- Saviour
  23. Beasts in the basement- Reso
  24. Ahmed- Radikal Guru
  25. Agnus dei- Eskmo
  26. Trapped in a dark bubble- Skream
  27. We have invisible friends- Eskmo
  28. Cerebral cortex- Nubreed
  29. Shake it all night- Get Em Mamis
  30. Skeng’d out- Maniac
  31. Hyph mngo- Joy Orbison
  32. Against- Cloaks
  33. Things on my mind- Swindle
  34. Re-up- Ginz & Joker
  35. Deixa- Octopush
  36. Game of 3 hafs- The Faun
  37. Distant dawn- Kryptic Minds

Photo by Corrêa Carvalho, cc-licensed

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